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Ranten (1419 m.a.s.l)

Tour description

Ranten (1419) is a nice summit hike from the exit parking lot at Fyrisjø. It starts with an easy walk past the old Gulsviksetrene and then goes up the ridge towards the Ranten. Fagerlijuv to the north, and Høgevardeskaret adjacent to the south. From Ranten, there is the possibility of a particularly steep and alpine descent to the south, or back up the nice ridge you came up on. The arrival ridge is sufficiently steep and clear for most people.

Some extra information:

Start: Fyrisjø parking
Lengde: 4,6 km
Tid: 2-3 timer
Høydeforskjell: 707
Barnevennlig: For turvante barn
Ranten (1419) winter, from the Fyrisjø parking lot

1. The journey

Follow Rv7 to the Høgevarde exit. Follow signs for Høgevarde mountain area, then signs for exit parking at Fyrisjø.

2. Parking

Parking is available at Fyrisjø exit parking, which is located on the lower side of Fyrisjøvegen right next to the ski culvert.

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