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Hesteleinnattan (1180 m.a.s.l)

Tour description

Hesteleinnattan (1180) is located south of the cabin areas on Høgevarde. Access via the area by the heating room at Sauvalltjern. From here it rises steadily up to the summit. From Hesteleinnattanryggen there are nice descents to the east, down to Fiskebekk. From there you can walk out onto the forest road and hit Gulsviksetervegen, which takes you back to the cabin area. It is also possible to continue towards the south-east, and take with you a really great peak called Hestegjuvnattan. Recommended at sunset!

Some extra information:

Start: At the pump house at the top of HV2
Lengde: 2,8 km
Tid: 1-2 timer
Høydeforskjell: 246
Barnevennlig: For turvante barn
Hesteleinnattan (1180) winter, from the pump house in HV2

1. The journey

Follow Rv7 to the Høgevarde exit. Follow the signs for the Høgevarde mountain area, then the signs for the cabin field HV2.

2. Parking

Drive until the road ends, at the top of the cabin field HV2. NOTE: Only space for 2 cars here, park further down in the area if full!

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