Nordic Cross-country skiing

Norwegians call it Langrenn - and it´s our national sport

At Høgevarde, we maintain and groom 50 kms of Nordic cross-country ski tracks for you to enjoy. They will take you into the high mountains if that´s your cup of tea, or you may enjoy just a short trip around the leisure home area. You´ll find plenty of variations and tour options at Høgevarde.

TIP: Stop by our beautiful self-service cabin by Sauvalltjern. You can light a fire in the open fireplace, and enjoy a packed lunch.

Recommended Cross-country ski experiences

From Høgevarde it is possible to go cross-country skiing in any direction. The marked and groomed tracks will connect you to nearby Norefjell and Sigdal, or you can head west towards Hallingdalsløypa where you can ski on fresh tracks all the way to the mountain ridge of Hallingskarvet. will keep you updated at all times regarding which routes are newly maintained.
our suggestions:

The high mountains

The Høgevarde leisure home area is located in the high mountains, and you literally walk straight into a breathtaking view close to Høgevardetoppen at 1459 masl. Our trails connect to the Hallingdalsløypa at two separate locations. The trail stretches from Norefjell, past Høgevarde via Nes, Veståsen, Sangefjell, Kikut and to Ustaoset – a total of 144 kilometers!

Fyrisjø, Vardefjellrundene and Fisketjern

These are popular trips for families with children. You may enjoy the shorter tracks with beautiful stops along the way, bring your own food for wilderness cook-outs, or try sledding or do adventure runs into the exciting forest areas at lower altitudes. The tracks at Fisketjern are maintained throughout the week, so here all visitors will find good skiing conditions for a quick workout at lunch or an evening trip after dinner.

Heimseter tracks

In the Heimseter area you will find tracks which run in sheltered forest terrain. For the extra windy days in the mountains, this is a good alternative for an exciting ski trip in beautiful surroundings. In Heimseter, we have created a forest trail of approx. 10 km.