The Flå Bear Park – Bjørneparken

Meet some of the most exciting animals in Norwegian nature!

Magical encounters between animals and humans are an everyday occurrence! Both animals and humans thrive here. The animals have large, natural enclosures and adapted feeding areas where you can meet the animals. We feed the animals every hour during opening hours.

The park is located a 20 minute drive from Høgevarde, near the town centre of Flå.  You experience the animals close-up, and our dedicated and knowledgeable animal keepers will teach you more about bears, European Lynx, wolves, moose, deer, farm animals and many others!

At Bjørneparken we promise magical meetings; come on in to the cute foxes, feed carrots to the elk, visit the bear den, take part in the animal keeper school, see the lynx play with the animal keeper and – do you dare to hold a snake in Crocodile Land?

Other activities

At Bjørneparken you will find Norway’s largest crocodile exhibition, many exciting activities, a rollercoaster, obstacle courses, zipline, outdoor and indoor playgrounds, an outdoor splash pool and several cafés and restaurants which serve great food. Bjørneparken is the place for unforgettable experiences the whole family will appreciate.

See you at Bjørneparken

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