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Terms & Conditions

Generic terms & conditions related to online purchases

These general principles are regulated between Høgevarde AS as provider of services and the person who, or through others, completes an online purchase on the website, app or another online service provided by the provider. The purchases can be lift passes, goods, services, activities, products, or a combination of these.

Provider of services:

Høgevarde AS
Vetervegen 19
3539 Flå
VAT / Org nr 988 810 037

1. Responsibility of the Customer

Before completion of an order, the customer must verify and accept important information related to the chosen product / service. The customer is responsible for ensuring that the product is in accordance with his/her own wishes. The customer is responsible for ensuring that the order confirmation (only sent by e-mail) is in accordance to the placed order.

You can also register and log in to your account via social login (Facebook and Google+). When registering through Facebook or Google+, the e-mail address registered on these websites/services will be used to for communication.
You can whenever edit your personal data under ‘My profile’.

2. Lift pass

The purchase of a lift pass implicates the use of an RFID keycard, where the electronic ticket / permission is transferred to, and the loading of this ticket happens at the first gate passage. There the gate reader is verifying the validity of the ticket. A keycard containing a valid ticket is strictly personal, and cannot be transferred to or lent out to others.

On the keycard you will find a unique printed string of numbers and/or letters. Keycards that is supported by Skidata access systems typically has a following string of numbers: 01-1613 2029 1648 5732 2200-1
Keycards that is supported by Axess access systems typically has a following string of numbers and letters: L25801AN-1TQ-P31
Some keycards might also have a QR-code that is equivalent to the string, and can be scanned directly with a QR-scanner on a mobile device.
Whichever string, this must be typed in correctly in order to transfer a permission to the keycard.
Our ski resort accepts most keycards provided by Skidata.
We require use of keycards also for kids between 0-6 years. This also applies even if they ski along with and under the surveillance of adults. Children must wear an approved helmet at any time.

Season passes are strictly personal, and requires a photo. Eventual misuse will automatically implicate a fine of NOK 1500, and can also be withdrawn for the remainder of the season.

Eventual operational breakdown, misuse of ski pass or behavior not in conduct with regulations, we hereby refer to Alpinanleggenes LandsForening (ALF) No 8/99 RETURNINGSLINJER FOR BRUK AV HEISKORT

3. Order processing

Upon correctly completed payment, you should receive an order confirmation at your registered e-mail address. This recipe contains all purchase details, and can be brought along to the Provider.
The order is not correctly processed and considered invalid when:

  • The customer has not received any order confirmation by e-mail
  • The card payment is aborted or by other reasons fails
  • Payment fails to be processed

4. Payment

We use a payment solution from Netaxept, and you can pay with Visa or MasterCard. Third parties will not be able to gain access to your personal data. Netaxept uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for transfer of personal information. SSL creates a secure (encrypted) connection between your device and Netaxept. The transaction is handled safely by Elavon.

5. Right of cancellation

There is no right of cancellation or refund for lift tickets and services purchased online. This also applies to date-specific packages, events and campaigns.
If injury or illness documented by a doctor, the customer is entitled to a reasonable refund for the part of the ticket / service that is unused. The keycard must be returned as soon as possible, according to regulations set by Alpinanleggenes LandsForening (ALF)-

Purchase of discounted tickets / services, regardless of type, are considered final, and are not entitled to any kind of refund.

6. Changes of taxes and fees

If case of changes in taxes and fees after the order is processed, and the change is increasing the cost for the Provider, the price can be increased accordingly for the customer. Eventual changes shall be communicated immediately to the customer.

7. Reservation

The provider grants the right to reserve eventual misspelling or misprint.

8. Disputes

If the customer is not satisfied with the quality of the purchased product / service, he/she is welcome to see the staff at Høgevarde for support. Eventual disputes will be tried solved at the lowest possible level. If not successfully solved, eventual disputes will be taken to the court of Hønefoss region.

9. Force Majeure

Both parties remain to right to void the Terms & Conditions if the product / service cannot be delivered as a result of war acts, natural catastrophes or labor conflicts, breach of power or water supply, fire or other major incidents that none of the parties can affect or foresee.

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