Emission-free, sustainable transport solutions to-and-from the mountains are a stated goal for us at Høgevarde AS. This winter season, we are therefore testing an electric bus shuttle between Oslo and Høgevarde (only 90 minutes from Oslo).


Private cars to-and-from the mountains represent a significant source of emissions, and contributes to the fact that traffic on national road 7 is often slow moving during the winter season. It is important for us to provide sustainable transport solutions to-and-from the mountains. In collaboration with Ferdia and Oslobuss, we are launching an electric shuttle bus this winter which will take you comfortably and emission-free between city and mountains.


Initially, we plan to depart on Saturday morning from Oslo, with return from Høgevarde Fjellpark on Saturday afternoon. In addition, the bus will be running on school holidays.


We will return with exact departure times, prices, etc. when the snow falls.

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